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Office and Infrastructure

We do not believe in a constricting workplace that is solely built to ‘manage’ employees. Our ideals direct us towards an open and free working environment without the regular office restrictions. When you step into our office space, you will get a warm, home-like feel – because everything is cautiously built to be easy and carefree.

Our employees are given the freedom to work as and when they want. We just ensure that client deadlines are met – there is no compromise on that front! We have established a work culture where we don’t pressurise our employees to take too much load. If employees are given the freedom to work according to their wishes then productivity naturally increases. This mantra has worked for us and be continue to abide by it.

Our work culture...

We have hand-picked developers from around the country who bring with them talent and aptitude. Our developers are our backbone and it is because of them that we have completed so many successful projects. Since they are the reason for our success, we promote a work culture that is not stifling to a 9 to 5 regime.

Our employees have the freedom to work whenever they want. The only rider from us is that the work must be completed on time – that’s all. We have created an indoor games zone within our office so that our team can have fun while at work. They are encouraged to relax when they want to and get back to work when they are once again rejuvenated.

Every birthday, anniversary and festival is celebrated with aplomb here. Our aim is to make our every member feel part of the family and have fun while working. We realise that it isn’t tough to get the best out of our excellent team when there is enough motivation and encouragement within the four walls of the office.

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Our Office Infrastructure

Our office apartment is divided into many zones. We have kept most of the space open so that every employee isn’t confined by small cubicles. Employees are encouraged to sit where ever they want. In one end we have cabins built exclusively for developers who seek some peace while working. These creative workspaces help our developers to concentrate on a project and the results are usually brilliant. There is enough space within the cabins for the developers to creatively think and work.

The Specialties That Our Office Has...

There are several benefits of hiring offshore dedicated experts and below we list a few.

  • Spacious sitting area with ample natural light for developers to creatively work on every project
  • Noise-free zone so that every member of the team can focus on their work without any disturbance. This aids in improving concentration
  • Designated meeting areas for team members to discuss and work on projects together
  • Concept of open ceilings in many areas so that there is no congestion
  • Tables placed in the workspace are larger than the standard size to enable developers to work creatively
  • Soft board and whiteboard in every desk
  • Audiovisual conference rooms for team meetings
  • Updated security system
  • Gateways, firewalls and monitoring systems
  • Intrusion detection tools
  • Virus and malware protection
  • Multiple internet connectivity
  • Physical security

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