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Say Hello to Creative Rat’s Skilled UX/UI Design Team

The world of UX/UI designing is demanding. Users pay attention to products and designs that in turn pay attention to their needs and aspirations. In this skill demanding ecosystem we at Creative Rats offer dedicated UX/UI designers to our clients. With our large and experienced UX/UI design team we are able to cater to the dynamic needs of our clients and work as an extension of their in-house team. From startups to companies offering website design and ecommerce design, we provide dedicated UX/UI designers for web application design, mobile app design and other projects

Creative Rats lets you add skilled UX/UI designers to your team instantly and get started with the project. We make use of the latest tools to create designs and put the product through extensive testing. Our AI driven approach allows our clients to get real-time updates on the project from our dedicated design team and boost the ROI.

What Do We Provide To Our Clients?

At Creative Rats we have put together a team of dedicated UX/UI designers to work as an extension of our clients’ team and assist in their projects. We bring in the right skills and experience to the table with our designers possessing the ability to work independently. Here’s what we offer under our dedicated UX/UI design services -

UI/UX Audit

Our dedicated UX/UI specialists carry out detailed audit of websites and apps and come up with recommendations to improve performance, interactions and conversion.

UX Research and Competitive Analysis

Our dedicated team embarks in research and competitive analysis to understand the market landscape, identify opportunities and compare planned product against competition.

Wireframe & Prototyping

Our dedicated UX/UI designers help clients with wire framing and prototyping. Here we build visual guide to define the architecture, interface and navigational attributes

Visual Design

Hire our dedicated UX/UI designers for creating the most stunning visual designs. We ensure the final product is visually appealing to grab immediate eyeballs and attract interactions.

Interaction Design

Our dedicated UX/UI developers put the final product through rigorous interaction design to test its usability, interactions and conversions with the end user to achieve desired outcome.

Usability Testing

Our dedicated UX/UI design team has extensive knowledge in putting the product through standard testing. We validate the design flow, usability and interactions to improve the product

Find The Best Fit Resource For Your Needs! $400 /wk at $1600 /mo
Pay weekly at $500 /wk
$600 /wk at $2400 /mo
Pay weekly at $700 /wk
$800 /wk at $3200 /mo
Pay weekly at $900 /wk
Years of experience 2+ 5+ 8+
Communication Level / English Speaking Conversational Fluent Fluent / Native
Expertise in UX/UI tools including Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, InVision, Zeplin, Axure, Balsamiq and many more.
Visual designing and conceptualizing skills
Well versed in latest industry UX/UI trends
Ability to collaborate with team members
Meets deadline and quick turnaround time
Effectively communicates project requirements with client
Ability to create wire frames and UI prototypes
Conceptualizing interaction designing
UX/UI Testing expertise
Ability to carry out UX/UI Audit and Competitive Analysis
Conduct an ongoing user research
Potential over site of multiple projects/titles
Ability to create user-centric UX/UI documentation
Handling a team and product
Mentoring and task assigning of junior UX staff

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand your concerns while hiring dedicated UX/UI designers for your team. We allow you to directly interact with the designers and hire the best in business.

We work only as an extension of your in-house team. You own complete rights over all products created, all codes, designs and other form of digital content.

After you have hired your dedicated UX/UI team we sit down understand the scope of the project. Based upon your inputs we start with the wire frame and designing it and then move to the prototype. The final product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure all identifiable bugs and design flaws are resolved.

We have large pool of UX/UI designers and as a company working with multiple clients we always have resources in reserve. If you wish to scale up your team, it can be done on a short notice. We offer you complete flexibility over hiring.

We encourage our clients to share honest feedback regarding our output and take all negative feedback in our stride. Our dedicated designers are committed to aligning the output with the needs and inputs of our clients. In such cases we discuss the reasons for dissatisfaction and make the necessary improvements.

We and our designers understand our roles and responsibilities working as your offsite team. We work completely in the background and protect all your confidential information. If required we can also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with your organization.

We have the most experienced resources and let you hire people with strong skills and ability to think out of the box. You are unlikely to have the need to make changes in your team. However, if the need arises we shall let you hire different designers in your team.

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