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Who doesn't like better services at a much lower rate? We all do! Why pay more when you can cut down on your costs without having to compromise on the quality? And so, Creative Rats have paved the way for high-quality and affordable Design, Development and Marketing solutions. Our focus is not only on introducing our clients to cheaper services but also offering better services than what you’d find with other digital firms.

We understand your needs

When you hire a freelancer or even a dedicated web agency to help you out with your digital requirements, you not only abide by their rules of work but you also get limited services within a limited budget. It’s a compromise you have to make. On the other hand the when you pay more you get more services. It's as simple as that!

But we take pride in having broken this convention. We offer you the same benefits of working with a big agency along with the cost benefits of hiring a freelancer. We offer you the most comprehensive design, development and marketing packages that are all inclusive of your needs. We further go ahead and let you customize these packages to meet your niche needs.

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And you get more too

Not only that you get what you opt for, but we also aim to provide you with extra benefits in case you need it from us. Apart from the time allotted to you by our team of dedicated experts you get extra time in case you need to change or include something to the existing design. You also get

Success manager

If you find any issue or problem in our developed product or service you can easily get support and resolution from our management team. Our success managers are always at your help in solving any query that you have!


These are a bunch of technically sound experts who would constantly guide your developer, designer or marketer and take care of the fact that he or she is offering the services as committed to you.

Buffer Credits

you get buffer credits to use it in various ways that you want. You can use these buffer credits every month while you are using our design, development or marketing services

And All These At No Extra Cost!

Generally, people get all these services at an extra cost but when you are using the services of Creative Rats you get all these benefits at no extra cost. That means you get your normal services plus these services within the given package price.

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So, What Are You Waiting For?

If you are looking for 2x better services and 50% cheaper costs then this is the right choice for you. Contact us for more details.

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