With the advent of new technology, solutions that are considered state-of-the-art have become obsolete. We all like to change with time and dress up in a modern dress. None of us would like to dress up in old-fashioned clothes and listen to criticism from friends. 

The same holds for mobile applications too. If there are an old user interface (UI) design practices and the mobile application runs on it, you can get some criticism from the users as they want something new.                                                                                                                                          

The creative designers in mobile applications are continually trying to bring in some new renovations with ease to keep the visitors engaged. If the existing mobile application design is not working correctly as per expectation, then it is time to move and bring a change in it by redesigning your mobile app.

Redesigning a mobile app is not at all an easy undertaking. You need to consider multiple aspects like ongoing trends in app design and have a clear app layout idea. The entire process can be unpredictable if proper help of a proficient mobile app redesign company is not considered.                            

While incorporating a brand new design, you must find a way to maintain your app’s unique value proposition (UVP). If you are a business owner, you must also consider when to go for an app redesign.

Continue to read to help you know what you should know before going for mobile application redesign.


When to Redesign your Mobile Application?

 Your mobile app is not generating the same revenue as it used to when first launched. When you find that your competitor has made a better mobile app than yours, you are confused. It would be best if you considered a mobile app redesign.

On the On-set of Rebranding

It is a good idea to go with your mobile app when your company has gone through a significant rebranding. Creative designers of mobile apps need to focus on retaining the functionalities and concentrate only on syncing the present apps with the brand new vision. 

For example, ever since its inception, Microsoft has undergone several logos and changes in color. Your app will have to go through a similar transformation and take over to new colors in the designs in such a situation.

To Improve the User Experience

 After the user is using your app for a long time and is removing it, then the chances are that you should consider redesigning your mobile app.

To Stay Competitive 

After you have launched your mobile app, it takes only a while before your rival apps pop up. Some of the apps are just of no use, but some competitors offer modern layouts and user-friendly interfaces. If you happen to be in such a situation, you should improve your mobile app and redesign your app to meet the needs according to modern-day trends.

While Reaching Out to a New Audience

You must understand your audience well in advance while penetrating the new market. It would help if you considered various factors like color psychology, design elements, and usability to know the new users’ needs while knowing the statistic.

To Overcome App’s Dwindling Popularity

Try to collect negative feedback from the users and understand their grievances. Try to redesign your app and solve the issues to retain the popularity of your app. These scenarios need to be taken into consideration while redesigning the mobile app.

We hope you are clear of when to redesign your app, and now you need to think about how to redesign the mobile app.



Tips to Help You to Develop the Right Mobile App Redesign Strategy

Mentioned below are some useful tips that will help you figure out the right design strategy for your mobile app.

Start with Why

Find out the reason behind the redesign, and it can be one mentioned above or a unique one. Before proceeding with redesigning, you should assess your situation thoroughly.

Listen to User Feedback

Identify the problems faced by the user through feedback, emails, and App stores. Carefully analyze the problem being faced by them. If there are 100 positive reviews and only one negative review, then you can relax. Sometimes you get more negative thoughts, and then it is time for action. You must consider users’ smallest of the issues lie poorly placed input fields, font size, and large-sized images that can be dangerous for your apps if not rectified in time.

Get a Statistical Perspective

Determine your course of action by taking a close look at the analytical data like Loyalytics, MaxPanel, and Flurry. First, find out why your app got deleted and all such details as what needs to be done. All the tips will help you to get back to the redesign process.

Analyze the Competition

It is essential to stay on par with your competitor. Analysis of the competitor’s place is another way of starting with the redesign process.

Optimize According to Platform Guidelines

The mobile apps designed before 2013 need to go through redesign platforms like the Android Play Store, and Apple App Store has a different set of guidelines that the developers must adhere to. Optimize your UI according to the platform guidelines and policies.

Follow the steps mentioned to create a strong concept for your mobile apps to quickly give your brand messages to the user across the globe. It would help if you designed your apps accurately so that you find revenue flowing upward.

What are the Best Practices for Designing a Mobile User Interface and User Experience?

For Mobile User Interface Design:

Optimize for Different Screens

The mobile app content needs optimization for different screen sizes, and users should be able to see the content without rotating the device horizontally or zooming the device.

Touch-gesture Control

Through touch, gestures make your custom-designed user interface elements for interaction. They should be easy to control, and the size should be convenient to be tapped with a finger while interacting with the app.

Image Usage

To avoid distortion, do not spoil the aspect image ratio while optimizing the app.


Without having to zoom in, the text should be easily readable. Avoid overlapping of the text and use proper spacing in the text.

Contrasting Colors

Give attention to the color scheme. You should choose the colors accurately for backgrounds and text.

Well-Organized Layouts

Images, text, actions, buttons, etc. All app elements need organization in a well-aligned and easy to use layout.

For Mobile User Experience Design 

Minimalist Approach

Minimalism is the key behind a clutter-free interface. Images are displayed in minimalistic design, making it easier to work. You can prioritize a single action on the screen and see the difference yourself.


User experience is of high importance and should always be kept in mind. Do solid research, collect statistical facts to know what the user wants, and spend your time and money creating correct wireframes, mockups, or prototypes.

Less is More

Try to give as much information you can to the user by defining the objectives. Commence your page with why and divide it into various sections. This will give the user a pleasant experience through an intuitive interface.


Redesigning your mobile application ensures that the app is working in optimal capacity and serves to improve the brand’s bottom line. It is essential for a highly-profitable app-based business to analyze, experiment, and deliver an excellent user experience.