Every year you see new UI UX design trends, it is because the competition is too high & everyday things are rapidly changing. To beat the competition & Implement the UI design trends quickly, you need to be aware & check them out simultaneously. Whether you have a business or you are a UI/UX designer, you have to give new ideas for the development of their brands. This is the only way you can beat the competition and give your clients a new experience for their business.

We have been working for 8+ years in web and mobile app design, our team of experts knows very well UI UX design trends. They know how to execute them effectively to build a digital product for any industry. We analyze user interface design trends that will help your business to grow fast and give your users a good experience. Best practice in UI/UX design is the only key to build a capable product that will later pay off.

3D Illustration

It’s very easy for UI/UX Designers to create something in 3D. UI Designers can use some elements of 3D Illustration Design for a better user experience. If we talk about user experience design trends or user interface design trends, 3D Illustration is still part of the trends. It is also being widely used In animations & the website’s background. Thus in 2021, UI UX design trends 3D Illustration can play a big role.

Artificial Intelligence

There are many user interface design & development tools that are focus on many aspects like:

  • Bridging Designers & Developers
  • Feel Comfort With Design Systems
  • Increase Productivity While Remote Working

To ease the designer’s workflow Adobe updated Photoshop version 22.0 in Oct’20 that is giving many AI features including an image editing tool called “Neurol filters”. In Sketch App, color variables & components view is a new feature. Figma added new features for distributed teams to make easier remote collaboration including templates and virtual meeting features. It’s going to be one of the new UI UX design trends in 2021.


It’s the new trend in UI design, which is based on an effect called “Background Blur”. It gives a new look & feels to the elements. Every UI designer will get a top-notch experience to create a brand for their customer. These UI design trends will definitely be helpful in businesses and SMEs.

Realistic Colors

Experts predicted that soon Illustration & 3D graphics will be used in product design to give a realistic experience. No doubt real people and real items can make a bigger impact on users. You can imagine, what will happen, when you visit a website & it gives you a real-time experience. The main purpose to use vivid colors is to give a difference and it reminds the users for a long time. An example: Instagram has changed its logo which is unforgettable for anyone. These UI UX design trends will have a long-lasting impact in the tech world.

Interaction Without Touch

Touchless Interaction is one of the  UI UX design trends you will get to see. There are many methods are in the market and some on their ways, like Voice User Interface(VUI) and air gesture control. It adds value to your design if you add a voice user interface. An example: a user comes to your website and chats with chatbots using voice commands. It gives him/her a unique and unforgettable experience. Even sometimes user can’t formulate their query into words therefore voice user interface works to resolve their query through understanding user intent.

Worldly-wise Typography

There are many examples of Sophisticated Typography, often they play a very important role in the design. Even some designs are based only on it. Indeed, It would be one of the UI UX design trends of 2021 and the result will also be interesting.

Unique Design

In the last couple of years, the websites are moving from perfection to uniqueness of design. Because everyone wants to grab the user’s attention. The more they make the design unique, the more user sustains with the website for a long time. Thus, the main idea is that designers make a unique design to appeal to the users through their familiar elements, presented, and differently arranged. Here are some types to design a unique website.

  • Unorthodox Layouts
  • Unorthodox Scroll
  • Color Combinations
  • Typography

However, they are suitable only when they don’t annoy a user and maintain balance, relevance, and interest.

Simplify The Process

Our UI/UX designers have been observing that the design process has become overcomplicated. Whether for print products or for digital products, it’s time to rethink from a fresh eye on concepts and names. Experts even say that there is a huge need for the change. This is also going to be the UI UX design trends in 2021.


Over the past few years, critical thinking for design is rapidly changed. Now the market is on a different track and the demand for a critical thinker is too high. Because the Competition is too high, on the other hand, user’s taste quickly changes therefore it’s hard to sustain users for a long time. UI/UX design is the only key to beat the competition and build your brand in your respective field. These all are the future design trends in 2021. 

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