In fact, if you observe what was once a trend around 5 years back has been replaced with something really new today, which means that this will keep on evolving. Futurists and researchers are of the opinion that technology, including mobile apps, will evolve – based on the inferences from past trends.

Innovation is one of the driving factors that has contributed to this change. It is too fast and this has led to the launch of many new apps that we are using today. Also, if you strike a comparison between the apps that we use today and that were used by us years back, the difference is poles apart, just like the sun and moon differ from each other.

Remember years back, when the apps showcased only the content that they had, rather than displaying content that people needed. But, today the scenario is different. It brings content based on intuition, which never deviates from what the user was expecting. The tools, such as gyroscopes and location data are experiencing an enhancement when it comes to the functionality and innovation that runs behind it and the user experience as well. Also, interestingly these apps are not executing on a single idea, which makes it a better choice for tech-savvy users.

People are looking for an app experience that is seamless and unboundedly out of the world. If you think about technology, it is mobile apps that come to our mind. We are all using a number of different apps every day and each of these apps makes life a lot easier for us. With the arrival of the internet of things’, this has migrated to another level, wherein everything is focused at the tip of your finger.

From this point, we have today reached a point where the futurists say that the future of mobile app is bright and there is no looking back for five years from now. Of course, when we have been utilizing user data to identify their traits and demographics, and research what they like and do not like and their preferences, as well – we have been collecting all this information to customize our services in line with their expectations.

 All this is happening automatically. Just think about all those times when Amazon has surprised you with products that you had initially browsed for and then, when you returned later was bringing up recommendations based on your previous searches.

User satisfaction and user experience are the two key factors around which app development revolves. Analytics tones these factors by pipelining a coding process in synch with app development, all ready to provide a seemingly great user experience. Very soon, we will witness a scenario where computers will design what you have been looking for as per your preferences into an app that will fit into the screen of your mobile as an icon.