Web Development Framework or Web Framework is a software framework. It is designed to support the development of various web applications like web resources, web services and web APIs. To be precise, frameworks are libraries that help in developing your application faster and smarter.

The businesses all over the world today have sensed the need to create an outstanding online presence. Thus, it is very important to make a prominent website to attract users. The web development framework is a software framework that is used to support such web development that has web resources, web services and web APIs.

With the development of technology, various web frameworks have eminent features to drive in traffic to your website. Web Development Framework is an explicit way to construct and organize any web application on the World Wide Web.

A web framework is directed to mechanize the overhead linked with various activities functioned in the development of the web. Take for example, for various software developments, there are various web developing frameworks that supply resources for imparting access to databases, manage sessions and template frameworks. The essential component for the development of any website is the web development framework. To quote some of the frameworks are Ruby on Rails, Meteor, Vue, Django, etc. The standard of web applications have been raising and it will be an absolute waste to renovate the refined techniques. Web developers need to keep an eye on the prevalent latest trends to select the best frameworks for web development.

What is Web Development Framework?

Web Development Framework is a software framework where the software shows standard functionality. This function can be modified by supplementary user-written code and thus serves application-specific software that assists the web development platforms. Web frameworks enable structure in the applications that present with supportive features without extra work. These frameworks enable us to keep us focused on some of the features rather than on the complete details. It also depicts how the code is structured and written so that the developers can write the code systematically.

Most Popular Web Development Frameworks

Ruby on Rails

David Heinemeier Hansson discovered Ruby on Rails which is no doubt a dynamic web application framework. This is used to build a development that is ten times faster than a classic Java framework. Besides, Rails consists of everything that is required to form a database-driven web application by making use of the Model-View-Controller pattern. Twitter, GitHub, Airbnb, Basecamp, Shopify, Groupon, UrbanDictionary, Hulu are some of the websites that have incorporated Ruby on Rails.

Language: Ruby

Stable Release: Rails


Laravel is a web development framework developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011. Like most modern frameworks, it functions on an MVC architectural model using PHP. Elegance, Readability, and Simplicity are the values of Laravel. There is API support containing a good quality of packages that can be easily expanded. Laracasts is a tutorial website that contains various videos on Laravel, PHP and frontend technologies in the ecosystem of Laravel. Even a beginner can learn and develop Laravel. Travel, Lender, Neighbourhood, Deltanet, etc. are some of the websites that have incorporated Laravel.

Language: PHP

Stable Release: Laravel 7.15.0


This is the most popular web development framework that helps in building dynamic web applications for PC and mobiles. Microsoft invented this framework to help programmers build applications, develop websites and services. Asp.Net Core is the novel version of asp.net and is well known for the power, speed, and productivity. In web development, it is proved to perform high and is a light in weight framework with the use of NET. TacoBell, StackOverflow, GettyImages are some of the popular companies that are making use of ASP.NET.

Language: C#

Stable Release: Asp.net Core 4.8


A reliable backend framework, Django helps in the development of quality web applications. This web development makes use of the ‘Convention over Configuration’ and DRY pattern. This framework provides tools and techniques for developers to build a safe website. It also enables the security features in the framework for the best web development. It meets the fast-moving newsroom deadlines and satisfies all the requirements of experienced Web developers. Developers of Django have stated that the application is tremendously fast, secure, versatile, and scalable. Pinterest, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Quora, Disqus, etc are some of the companies using websites.

Language: Python

Stable Release: Django 3.0.7


A free open-source web development framework, Express provides a robust set of features for mobile and web development. The best backend frameworks that are flexible and facilitate the rapid development of Node. js-based Web applications. It also has a minimal framework meaning that users get many features as plugins. Express functions on Javascript, one of the eminent programming languages. It helps in building up backend web applications and is extensively used by web developers all over the globe. Further, it is helpful in the development of competent APIs. It is also one of the major Express components of the Mean Software Bundle. Accenture, Uber, Myntra, MuleSoft, Myspace, Storify, LearnBoost, etc. are some of the companies using this website.

Language: Java Script

Stable Release: 4.17.1


Originally developed by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons, Angular is considered one of the best front-end frameworks for developers. An open-source web app framework managed by the Google Angular Team helps in building powerful Web Apps. The framework helps to build large-scale and high-performance web applications that are easy to maintain. There are huge numbers of websites that are built with Angular. Upwork, Netflix, PayPal, Lego, Weather, etc. are some of the websites using this framework.

Language: JavaScript

Stable Release: Angular 9.1.11


The web development, Ember.js is based on the model-view-view-model pattern and is an open-source JavaScript framework. Web developers get great help to form extensible single-page web applications by making use of general idioms and finest practices into the framework. It supports the building of mobile and desktop applications in Ember and is also the best framework for the web. Apple Music, an attribute of the iTunes desktop app is the best example of an Ember desktop application. Tilde Inc. holds the trademark of Ember. The web developers of the Ember community are spreading at a fast rate with new features and releases added frequently. On a regular basis Microsoft, Netflix, Heroku and Google make use of this framework.

Language: Java Script

Stable Release: Ember 3.18.1


Pivotal Software invented Spring, which is the topmost application development framework for enterprise Java. Web developers around the globe make use of Spring to create high-performance and robust Web apps. Spring is a simple, flexible, and fast JVM-based application. Spring is used by companies like Intuit, MIT, Zalando, Zillow, Mascus, Allocine, etc.

Language: Java

Stable Release: Spring 5.2.5


Meteor is a web development framework that gives simpler ways to build real-time web and mobile apps. The framework supports rapid prototyping and produces cross-platform code for Android, Web and iOS. There are currently 19,913 websites using Meteor as per Builtwith. Welshpool, Telescope, HaggleMate, are some of the websites that are making use of Meteor.

Language: JavaScript

Stable Release: Meteor 1.10


Web development framework forms a crucial element in the development of web applications. Each of the frameworks in the available program for web development has its features and advantages. The best web development framework should be considered based on a specific project.