The creation of illustration is continually strengthening. We can see that there are lots of illustration trends developing every week or month. It is less complicated than other forms of graphic design, but it relates a message efficiently in a visual language. 

We have always had the digital age in our minds, so there is a need for attractive visuals. It helps to engage with the user and quickly communicates the brand message of the product or services.

Advantages Of Illustration Trends 

Illustrations are the best way to connect to a much wider audience using visual language. In this digital age, illustrations are an effective tool to express visually. The section of the text understands the user and interprets complicated processes to deliver happiness.

Illustrations help in setting up the identity of a brand & present them with a much more generous vision. It is also convenient to display at the corresponding time. We come across peculiar and entertaining Google doodles or the familiar line drawings of mail chimp.

People encountered a meaningful growth in digital art and illustrations when we were all restricted to the safety of our homes. Many brands have come up with innovative & superior ways to educate against the pandemic. 

Google doodles inform us to control the spread of COVID-19 and present insight towards the frontline workers. The famous brands come up with Dunzo hiding the face of their mascot with a mask & many other illustrations openly interacting with the groups to reveal a powerful message.

It is the best time to analyze illustration trends 2021 affecting designs for this year and the future.

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Importance Of Illustration Trends 

It is necessary to know why illustration is relevant. Illustrations are more influential than videos and photographs. It communicates an idea in a distinct and manageable way because graphics and images improve any piece of writing, whether you tell a story or teach a lesson.

The advertising business depends profoundly on the use of illustrators. It grows up with a relevant product image that will be attractive to the consistent target audience. 

Let us check its uses of illustrations.

Communicate Message

We know catchy slogans are the best way to convey the message with depth or complexity. It becomes more interesting with illustration because the visual image gets noticed much quicker than text & sticks in the memory for longer. There are multiple methods to yield information through illustrations, including flowcharts and infographics.


Illustrations show a significant part of the growth of the human mind and help young children in their imagination development. It is the big reason children’s books require colorful illustrations that help the child understand words, sentences, and actions. 

It helps in showing a scientific concept, suggests a design concept, or helps in visualizing that are necessary for effective education.

Grab Attention

The best use of illustrations is in the advertising industry. There are many identical products in the market, so it is good to use visuals to attract more customers. When we use attractive illustrations, the product sticks in their mind & attracts the attention of the product. 

It is always better to present a product well, especially online because it is one of the cheapest and effective ways of advertising.

There are endless reasons to use the illustration. People are inquisitive and fascinated by well-drawn illustrations. The well-placed image in the text attracts more target audiences.

People show their interest in the product because images attract them more than text. Most people prefer to see images rather than reading content because it is the best way to convey the benefits and features of a product or service to the target consumer. 

5 Illustration Trends 2021 

We all use advanced technology to show our messages or brand advertising. The crucial point is to tell us about our product or services in the best way so that people are more engaged with them. 

We discuss above the importance and advantages of illustrations. Let us discuss the latest illustration trends in 2021.

Pandemic Themes & Health Illustrations

We know that people in the world are talking about the pandemic. It is a prominent issue in the current situation, especially in medical illustration. The pandemic is not the biggest story of the year, but the most influential thing that happens in lifetimes. 

The newspapers, magazines, and websites yell on appealing editorial illustrations that attract audiences.

The leading illustrations come from the John Hopkins School Of Medicine & many others explain this complex concept directly. People like these images more and know the actual value. 

The most influential medical illustrators are Alissa Eckert and Dan Higgins. It generated a 3DS Max visualization of the Coronavirus that helped to convey shape and form in the brains of ordinary people.

The exceptional examples are of Vietnamese artist Le Duc Hiep’s propaganda-style poster encouraging people to come together & encourage mask-wearing. We see the effects of pandemic till infections continue, and several vaccines also heighten in the 2021 trend.

We use the Covid vaccine across the world. It is a more productive year & also a more impressive and optimistic style of illustration. There are plenty of experts directly smoothing the way. 

The cherry illustration shows a way forward in 2021 and includes Adam Highton’s beautifully naïve and childlike creations.

The fun and colorful character art of Yuxing Li looks tailor-made for a more positive time. These types of illustrations help to convert important messages beautifully.

Abstract & 3D

There were trends of abstraction in the past, but we will also see its magic this year. The main reason behind this trend is because it helps users to understand uncertain subjects. We imagine UI UX design agency create magic with their own set of rules. People love these types of styles beyond our imaginations.

The skeuomorphic trend is growing back to life from the past & see growth in realistic illustrations. Its latest example is another Mac OS, Big Sur. The 3D illustration style matches the same way, with brands investing in detailed 3D illustrations.

Hand-Draw Illustrations

It will become the next illustration trend in 2021. We can see these types of designs on websites, mobile apps, packaging design, and advertising. It gives an impression of satisfaction to images because hand-drawn is an attractive way to stand out in the digital field & set the business distant from the competition. 

People always enjoy uniqueness and originality. These types of animation add advantages to a brand online. The best illustrations for 2021 are available on the web.

The texture is also important to attract more users. Remote patterns are one of the top trends in illustration. 

It relates to real-life exteriors of objects and adds a more authentic look to pictures. We practiced illustrations with textures on websites, mobile apps, and package design.  Flat color and limited palette are the most familiar illustration design trends in 2021. It makes the look minimal and bold at the same time. Flat color in the product interface design keeps the user concentrated on the primary content without puzzling with many details and tones.


The gradient is a lovely color development. Nowadays, atmospheric gradients are the most trending illustration styles. It has become popular in the last few years, especially in logo design. We see gradients in illustration also continue a sense of airiness and softness to images. The prevalent color combinations used in gradients are blue and red.

We all know that the world has its counter-reaction. Duotones & bold palettes have a counter-response as well. It increases the demand for moody and warm colors in illustration design. Many UI UX designers actively use bright and saturated palettes in recent years. The practice of pastel and moody colors is in trend & excites a feeling of nostalgia makes designs more welcoming and pleasant-looking.

Funny & Engaging

We see the growth of lively and appealing illustrations in 2021. Designers continued with more effective static images. The growing acceptance of GIFs and animated illustrations make it more fun-looking. There is a need to use these designs carefully because it draws a minor line between what is fascinating and irritating for modern users.

These trends of illustration have become popular this year. Many other trends come in front of us. We can use these trends on our websites or mobile apps to make them more attractive.

The attention of user time becomes narrow, and illustrators and designers take alternative methods to keep the user’s eyes on the image for a longer time.

These days, GIFs and animations speedily follow flat illustrations on websites, mobile apps, blogs, and social media. 

Digital animation plays a significant role in creating customer expertise with combined AR and VR technologies. It allows designers to create experiments and engage with illustration in real-world situations.

Wrap Up 

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The excellent illustration with an improbable motion design makes up one of the most prominent digital illustration methods in 2021.

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