If you are running your own business and want to expand over the internet then it’s necessary to give a good user experience to your customers. According to a survey 8 out of 10 people pay because of a good user experience. Thus in every field now it’s a compulsion to hire a UI UX Designer. but here the main question is how to hire a UI UX Designer? So here we’ll discuss all the nuances of a UI UX Designer that can help you while hire UI UX Designer Freelance.

5 Qualities while seeing how to hire a UI UX Designer

  1. He/She must be proficient in all the designing tools
  2. Their portfolio speaks more than their words
  3. He/she should be Curious and must be aware of the latest trends in the market.
  4. Having good communication skills, after all, what he/she designed and what he/she speaks both should be clear and understandable.
  5. Last but not least he/she should be a good researcher, open-minded, and adopt a critical way of thinking.

These all are critical and vital points when you think about how to hire a UI UX Designer.

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Types Of Designers

Mainly there are three types of designers

  • The Researchers
  • The Strategists
  • The Creators

The Researchers

The ones who are critical thinkers and deep dive into the project. They describe tough things in easy ways that everyone can easily understand.  Their responsibilities include user research, Testing, UX Methods, Analysis, Data & Analytics, etc.

The Strategists

They have a good attitude and taking in charge of producing the information architecture and creating the content strategy. Their responsibility includes UX Vision and strategy, Information Architecture, Coordinating UX Related teams, etc.

The Creators

These are the designers who work on Interfaces, Graphics, and Content. They work with various tools and make a design stunning that every user love. Their responsibilities include Visual Design, Motion Design, user interface, Interaction design, and copywriting & content. 

While looking to hire a UI UX Designer freelance or UI UX Designer hire these things to keep in mind and give you enough answers of how to hire a UI UX Designer.

Why is UI  UX design important for the success of your product? 

It provides your website design stunning that users want to interact with. Also, the main moto of your app, website, and landing page is to generate more traffic and leads and increase the business revenue. UI UX Design mainly hits human psychology and gives them satisfaction while using. That’s why it’s important to ensure excellent UI/UX Quality. That’s why you should know the importance of UI UX design while UI/UX Designer hire. Hope it’ll give you some idea about how to hire a UI UX designer.

Mistakes To Avoid

Don’t Hire Multi-tasking

UI/UX is having a wide range of tasks. It is impossible for a single person to be proficient in each field like UX, UI, and development. It’s teamwork and avoids hiring a second-rate UI/UX Designer, they’ll ruin your money and design.

Priority to specific skills

Designing is all about creativity thus the demand of the market is constantly changing. Therefore changing technology means the demand for a specific skill is also changing. That’s why cross-check that the designer must have multi-skills. As Steven J. Bowen says,” Hiring should always be a part of your long-term strategy, not a quick fix to an immediate problem”.

Check UX Portfolio

While checking a portfolio don’t judge the number of projects they did, but check the quality which they have given to the clients. While hiring a UI/UX Designer keep in mind that the number of samples has nothing to do with the UI/UX design process. If someone has 10 to 15 work samples in their portfolio is enough to understand that a UI/UX designer is skilled.

These are the mistakes that need to avoid about how to hire a UI UX designer.

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