First, we will see the concept, it’s all about advertising or making the product attractive so it reaches the people and they can utilize it. Before that people should know about the particular product and its usage and its purpose. SOCIAL MEDIA the biggest platform to advertise any things at any time. Most people started using smartphones and spending 60% of their time on social media. Considering that as an advantage the products can be advertised to the people so it reaches a huge number of audience. 

The main focus is on getting the proper audience once you get the support from them you can make it happen. And the trust they have in you is the most important thing.

Initially, we have to choose the content that should be clear and open if it’s new to the domain you try to explain it to the audience. Once you get ready with the content start focusing on the next step which is nothing but developing the content further to move forward to the next step. And the next step is nothing but management of content which is like correlating the parts from the initial stage to the final stage to make it a complete note, so it can be clear and precise. And add necessary info that requires specifying the brand and try to avoid compiling the disadvantages for the product.

Let’s study the brand from top to bottom know about all the details that require to form a complete product from raw material to final product. Then see about the sources where you get information about the product and see about the market value of the particular product whether will it reach the audience or audience will neglect the product. And then focus on the cost of the product that will you get proper outcome by selling the product and its future usage. And try to get the relevant information about the final brand product so it will be a successful one.

BRANDING which defines the advertising the product with the famous name color symbol can be anything which gets the people attention. So make it clear and focus on the content that relates to your logo. For example, you can add the established year in it or the pictorial representation of the main content, or the brand symbol in it. And it should represent the product.


It starts with planning, developing, and management. Whereas in the planning stage it’s all about creating the draft content for the product as a rough draft and make it clear by analyzing 2 3 times and check for the mistakes that happened in it. Once it’s done we can go with the next step which is nothing but the development for the further process.

 From the rough draft extracting the additional info that matches with the content, this is the most important part of content where you have to analyze the details completely and to get all the relevant information so it correlates with the topic and try to avoid the other topics that don’t match with the content. Once the planning has been done in the right way everything will go in the correct flow unless you change the content. In this stage we will be dealing with too many obstacles like it may be already available in the market or someone might have developed the product. We have to make sure that it’s not getting repeated in the same way as it’s there already.

And the next step is managing the content from the initial stage to the final stage to make it a complete one. You will be so much relevant information about the product you have to order it in a perfect way do it looks clear with the concept and to ensure that it’s not getting collided with the other topics. And we have to check the plagiarism too. And the most important thing is proofreading of the content with the part of a team to ensure there is no mistake in it and you can start delivering it to the customer, once it reaches the customer they can utilize but this will be the critical stage where if they are not getting the expected results from the end it will come to us again and we have rework in it to make sure it satisfies the customer. 

 As customer satisfaction will be considered as the success of a product it can be any product or any brand once people start liking the product they tend to use it more and start using it. So it’s correlating with the product and the content. In the same scenario if u add any the disadvantages of the product people won’t consider the product as it gives a negative impression of the product, sorting the irrelevant things will help you to get more audience.

And we have to see the long-term goal of the product till how long will it be there and its proper efficiency too since people will start changing to other brand and we have to be consistent so we will be having a good impression on people’s thoughts. You will get all the necessary details in it so it won’t be a problem while using it. And it can be improved by marketing skills too; the sales go higher during the festival and seasonal times so when you start using in the appropriate time it reaches more people. And people will be expecting some discount on the product because of the festival/ seasonal times.

And explaining the product advantage so people can use it to the full extent without missing all the sufficient details. And the color of the product plays a major role in it since the dark color attracted fewer people rather than light colors so just ensure that the color you chose matches with the product. Better go with some additional offers/ coupons so the sale of the product gets increased automatically rather than doing field marketing.

Social media platform the best way to advertise your product to a different set of audiences so it gets promoted to the people with the help of some celebrities and you showcase the output results of the product after using it in the right way so people start believing the product usage and start referring their friends, friends of friends. By doing all this strategy this raise of the product goes automatically.


Hereby I conclude that choosing the content will play the major role in it as it decides the goal of the product and its usage of it, and with the team of proper planning it exhibits well with the timeliness and delivering the product on a right time will get you the good response on your product. So Overall focus on what way people get attraction and how to manipulate the product with their usage of it.

Thanks for your valuable time on reading this blog completely as I hope you get some points to be noted that can be useful to you.